Mum'S & bub's

We have an area at the back of the auditorium for parents who have children under one. This is a secure free play area with age appropriate toys, a change table with supplies, a private feeding area and even an grandma on hand to give you some respite so you can enjoy some family time together.


1-3 year olds

This is supervised free play and social interaction area, with love and enjoyment being the focus. They do a little lesson and craft. Those up to aged four can play here. Water, apple juice, plain milk arrowroot biscuits, and popcorn are the food provided.


4-7 year olds

With this age group we have a fun, intentional and purposeful time with trained leaders. Their Sunday experience consists of worship, word and workshop (small group) activity giving a clear well thought Bible based message. Water, some fruit and biscuits is the food provided

(There are no nut content in any food provided and there is a GF option)

We do encourage parents to train their children to be a part of the main worship experience from grade 3, around age 7-8, but realize there is a transition process, so its not a hard and fast rule . . . Parent supervision of their children is required from sign-out.