Twice a year Chapel runs a Banquet. A Banquet is where we release a whole lot of teachers to put a lot of teaching on the table for you to come and eat some truth to nourish your Spirit, Soul and Body. The meal’s range from 2 -12 weeks long, with the occasional workshop or intensive added for additional input.

We encourage you to invite someone along with you so you can enjoy a meal from the banquet table together. You are welcome to have as many meals as you like – maybe out of interest; for more understanding, to be challenged or the need for fresh revelation; but for whatever reason, see it through to the end.    Remember........We are what we eat!

The menu comes out a month prior to the Banquet start dates which are March – May and then August – October

What happens between Banquets? (From November – February and June - July)

A great question; do we have small groups, connect groups? – well yes and no. The book of Acts presents a really healthy picture of people (the church) breaking bread from house to house eating together with gladness and simplicity of heart, praising God and having favour with ALL the people. At Chapel we like to encourage everyone to walk across the room, invite someone over for a meal, get to know them and what God has done in their life, break bread, pray and care for each other. This doesn’t have to be regulated, formulated or legislated by structure or program, but whatever, wherever, whoever and however you decide. Lets ‘be’ the church and live in authentic community, encouraging each other in our walk with Christ.